Lunch: Margon’s Cuban Sandwich (10.20.09)

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m itching for something that’ll coat my insides. I’m about to embark on a long awaited visit to the Margon Restaurant Corp, which has been talked amongst friends for months. Margon is known to have their highly coveted Cuban Sandwich…we shall see about this little warlock.

UPDATE –  A very solid Cuban sandwich. Utterly satisfying for a quick and cheap bite. This little devil consists of inhouse-roasted pork, genoa salami, and Boars Head ham. It’s topped with swiss cheese, sliced pickles, and Margon’s special mojo sauce (which is actually just spicy mustard and mayo). All this is served between hot pressed Cuban bread with a touch of butter and a hint of garlic.  Great for a meal on the go. Warning! Think twice about wearing that business suit or new jacket if you want to dine in. You might come out smelling like their cuban roasted chicken or pork chops.

Margon Cuban Sandwich

We give it a 4 out of 5 silver sporks. While the sandwich was mighty tasty, and rather light for such heavy meat and condiments, it wasn’t quite “life changing.”  5 silver sporks are reserved for those most heavenly treats and Bar Rafaeli. Yes, her.

Till next time friends,



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2 responses to “Lunch: Margon’s Cuban Sandwich (10.20.09)

  1. Chris

    I’m craving another one…let’s rock this silverspork….

  2. jc

    Totally agree, this is delish! Margon’s!

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