The Story Behind The Silver Spork

So, you might be asking yourself, ” Why the Silver Spork? What’s up with that?”  Where do I start…

Well one night, after a long conservation over drinks, my friends and I decided we needed a food blog to record our tasty adventures around NYC. Great! But what would we call it??? Something different, catchy, and tasteful but not cliche or tacky. And voila!  The Silver Spork was born. Ok ok, let me me explain further.

The spork is a highly underrated eating utensil that is rare on the mean streets of New York, (it’s actually highly overrated, but we thought it would be catchy). Silver, well like all great silverware that chracterizes class and elegance, silver added the touch of greatness the spork needed. Thus, the Silver Spork.

Till next time friends,


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One response to “The Story Behind The Silver Spork

  1. Chris

    You still need to review Cafe Select…the restaurant that was suppose to start it all. But, I don’t think it fits the under $10 rule.

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