Dinner Rating:

3.5 spork

Location:  33 Avenue B (3rd St, SE corner)

Price:  $8 – $12 for small plates, $20-$24 entries

When it comes to group dinners, I immediately think tapas; it’s the best way to interact and share conversation with that person on the other end of the table by requesting and/or sharing a dish.  We took several visiting Chicagoans to POCO and even before we arrived at the restaurant the service was great.  We had last minute changes with reservations but they gladly accommodated, on a Friday night! The food was solid but there were only a couple dishes that really stood out, which were the Lobster Mac & Cheese and Seafood Paella (the Valencia); we had to get an extra order of both.  Also, if a slightly sweeter red sangria is your thing, a pitcher for $35 is well worth it.

Brunch Rating:

4 spork

Price:  $22 (includes unlimited mimosa/bloody mary/sangria and coffee/tea)

Again, they did not disappoint when it came to service.  It was prime time for Sunday brunch but the staff stayed calm and relaxed and we were seated in about 10 minutes.  Even when a crowd started to wait outside for a table, servers still went around asking if brunchers wanted a refill on their cocktails and coffees.  I loved it that we never felt rushed to finish our meals.  Brunch at Poco is pretty damn good.  Get it:  the Lobster Benedict (see a pattern here?).  The lobster is plentiful and it’s placed on an arepa rather than an english muffin or biscuit.  All brunch dishes come with a side of salad and potatoes.  The BEST part of brunch though (at least this time of year), is that they start you off with mini spiced muffins and bread that’s made in-house.  They are GLORIOUS.



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  1. tontek

    Where are the photos! disappointed…

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