Go! Go! Curry


4 spork

Location: 273 W 38th St (btw 7th Ave & 8th)

Price: Varies $5 (plain) – $12.50 (grand slam)

In the hype of the Yankees winning the world series and Matsui winning the MVP award for the series, my favorite Japanese curry joint has been getting quite a lot of attention (NYtimes CBS)  .  This restaurant located in the garment district of midtown west is pretty much the shrine to all things Matsui.

Go Go Curry1

Although Go! Go! Curry is a fast-food chain in Japan, this location is the only one in the stateside.  But, the food tastes nothing like any fast food I’ve had!  The brown curry tastes like it’s been simmered all day and is full of flavor and layered on top of that the Katsu Pork is crispy/juicy, as good as any good Japanese restaurant would make it.  The beauty of this food is that truly it feels/tastes like comfort food for any soul who longs for such a thing.


The best deal is to go with another person and get the Grand Slam for $12.50 which is plenty for 2 people and it comes with an boiled egg, sausage, and huge piece of Katsu.  But, they have any size to fit your need and your hunger.  Just be careful if your new yoga studio ends up right by this place …dangerous.




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2 responses to “Go! Go! Curry

  1. Chris! Hey! How are you? I didn’t know you had a blog? How’s NY treating you? How’s life?

  2. Ellen Collis

    Whoa, this place looks goood. And a bit dangerous. My boyfriend would love it!!

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