Fette Sau


3.5 spork

Location: 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Cost: Approx. $15/person for hearty portions of meat, sides, &  a pint beer.

The two words Fette Sau means something if you are German or have been to the homey BBQ joint in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Fette Sau means “fat pig” in German and after devouring pounds of meat and sides from this place, that’s exactly how I felt…but, in a good happy way.  This restaurant  is tucked away behind a pseudo alley off of Metroplitan ave and once you enter the establishment you are transported to an off the beaten path southern-esque restaurant.  You immediately smell the wood burning smell and the varieties of BBQ meats along with the LCD screen fire place.  The seating system is a bit weird since you have to wait randomly for people to get up from the bench style seats to claim your own.  Its not a big deal since you can enjoy the varieties of craft beers that are served while waiting, & they even serve gallon portions of beer!

Fette Sau_1

I came here with Kah & 2 other friends from out of town & It was an educational experience waiting for our tables since I got to study the anatomy of a cow and the different meat cuts.



You can buy the meats at the counter by the pound or by pieces.  We decided to get a little bit of everything (pulled pork, beef rib, pork chop, sausage, pork belly, Pork & beans, & pastrami).  All the meats were well cooked, juicy, and had plenty of flavor but, the pastrami & pulled pork were my personal favorites.  The potato salad and broccoli sides were nothing special but, the pork & beans are a must. I would consider this place my favorite BBQ place in NYC so far but, I do have a few more places to try…& I will continue to be a “fat pig”.


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