Del Frisco Steakhouse


3 spork

Location: 1221 6th Ave. (at 49th st.)

Cost: $12.95 for steak filet tips & mash potatoes.

In NYC midtown there is always a balance of expensive dining options and the dirt cheap street food options.  You usually find these varieties on the same block except one is in a clean nice interior setting w silver utensils and the latter is food off a cart w plastic sporks.  When I read about a cheap steak option at Del Frisco Steakhouse in, me & Mike decided to go.  Supposedly, it was steak tips & mash potatoes for $10.95 off the bar menu…in actuality it cost us a bit more than that.

Del Frisco 1

I have to say the interior setting was pretty classy for lunch, since they had super high ceilings & lots of glass to make for a bright airy experience.  I also have to say being surrounded by midtown exec types and being served by a pretty hot bartender made feel pretty important.  Alas, we went onto order the cheapest dish on the menu, the steak tips which was accompanied by some complimentary bread…yum.


The steak filet tips themselves were juicy pieces cooked to your preference and it was surrounding an order of buttery mashed potatoes.  The steak was good & almost like the real thing BUT these tips were WAY too peppery….why??? That’s all I can ask really.  Although the portion was quite small, any meal involving steaks & potatoes can be quite heavy & food coma-inducing.  So all in all, glad I tried it out but, we both agree we won’t be going back anytime.  I’d rather get a huge $5 philly cheese steak sandwich right outside at the food cart.



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