The Shack Stack @ Shake Shack


Location: 366 Columbus Ave & Madison Sq. Park

Cost: $8.75

Sometimes we’re so accustomed to getting the same thing at a food joint we overlook the fact there may be something far greater and tastier on the menu.  For example, my experience at a Mediterranean restaurant called Pita Inn located on the Northside of Chicago.  I had gotten the combo meal every time from high school to early college.  It wasn’t until my higher education kicked in and decided to try the chicken shawarma that my life swiftly changed with each bite of that yellow chicken…well sort of changed.  I never looked back and I’ve been getting the same crazy yellow chicken shawarma everytime I go back to Pita Inn.

I feel like this could be the case at Shake Shack, the darling burger joint to which every New Yorker gladly will wait 30mins to an hour in line to get their food.  I recently realize that people over often go for the Shack burger and overlook the mutated shack burger which births a portabella mushroom deep fried and injected with cheese called the Shack Stack.  This burger which recently changed its name from the former name “Double Stack”, adds an entirely different dimension (size & flavor) to the burger experience at Shake Shack.  If you’ve tried both then, you know what I’m talking about…but, if you have not then, please deviate from your routine and try it out.  Your life might change…sort of.

Random last note:  The delicious Cranberry Cinnamon frozen custard almost tastes like strawberry flavor.




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4 responses to “The Shack Stack @ Shake Shack

  1. irenehsu

    i tried the shack stack once. it was too much for me to handle in one sitting. did you check out the doughnut rumors at SS yet?

    • tontek

      actually in that photo we cut the Stack into 4 pieces and share btw 4 people… shame I know…w/ fries and frozen custard it was perfect amount of food. Oh, I just read about the apple cider and Donut planet donuts! sweet.

  2. jeesoo

    hey chris!
    i didn’t know you have a blog – very nice photo and explanation!
    go go go~~~ anywhere for good food! 🙂
    ps. you just made me so jealous now! yummy!

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