Kuma Inn


Location: 113 Ludlow St. 2nd flr.

Price: $7-$21

Ever since I went to a Filipino house party back last summer in Chicago I’d been looking for a good place for some Filipino noodles & eggrolls.  Those handmade dishes had a distinct flavor to them that hit a different note than other asian dishes I’ve tried.  I’ve never seen a Filipino restaurant in the city to except for the crappy one down the street from me so,  when my coworker suggested Kuma Inn for good Filipino food I was psyched.  First of all, the restaurant is pretty tricky to find if you’re not paying attention since it’s on the second floor with no signs on the dark block of Ludlow st. in LES.  The upstairs dining area was quite decent with ample seating and nice intimate lights.   Much to my surprise after glancing at the menu, this restaurant was more of a pan-asian food with tapas style dishes. *sigh*arg…I need my NOODLES & EGGROLLS!!

Despite my utter disappointment, I had to admit they had great selection of small plates (asian tapas) and apparently much of the dishes are inspired by Chef’s parent’s Filipino cooking.  So, pseudo-Filipino food.  We ended up getting the tiger shrimp, dorado fish, coconut rice, tuna tartar, & my personal favorites the Chinese sausage & fried pork belly. I would definitely go back to this place for my favorite dishes…big fat delicious juicy chunks of PORK BELLY, FRIED …SERIOUSLY?! Wow. Extra bonus for Kuma Inn is that they have BYOB with a small corkage fee. Nice.  Even after a good meal here, I haven’t forgot that I have to keep on searching for my noodles and eggrolls.  Suggestions are welcome.




Filed under Lower East Side, Pan-Asian, Tapas/Small Plates

4 responses to “Kuma Inn

  1. sungrak

    this looks wayy too fancy for filipino food.
    his sister rest in bk by hopiels place isn’t bad tho.
    otherwise I think you’ll have to goto woodside haha.

  2. jeesoo

    i see some difference from its look!
    actually i don’t know much about their food….
    after spending time years in new york, i don’t think that i can really recognize differences between things including food. they all look and taste same to me!! ha— 😀

  3. Laura Lee

    That fish looks scary… I don’t know if I can eat that.

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