Billy’s Bakery

Location: 184 9th Ave (bw 21st and 22nd)

Price: $3.25 – $4.50

Pumpkin Bar


I had to give Serious Eats a little more credit when they finally wrote a negative review on Lucy’s; surprisingly, they were brutal for once.  So with a regained trust in Serious Eats, I had to try the pumpkin bar from Billy’s Bakery when I saw the picture of a perfect looking dessert from Billy’s Bakery.  Even though I’m not a huge fan of Billy’s cupcakes, on paper, the bar seemed like everything I wanted; what’s there not to love?  Cream cheese frosting, LOVE.  Pumpkin cake, LOVE.  Walnuts, LOVE.  I was already in love even before I tried it because even my trusty NFT claimed Billy’s to be a favorite of theirs. 

The pumpkin bar was severely disappointing (severely, maybe because my expectations were severely elevated?).  The frosting lacked the flavor of cream cheese and the texture was grainy; it just tasted like pure sugar.  I immediately stopped tasting the frosting and just proceeded onto the cake.  Whilst the cake was moist, the cake lacked pumpkin flavor and spice; it was boring and disgustingly sweet.  I stopped with the bar after the initial tastings.


Pumpkin Cheesecake


Thank goodness my friend spotted and bought the pumpkin cheesecake because we were both pouting from the pumpkin bar.  Unlike the bar, I was severely surprised at how awesome the cheesecake was (severely, maybe because my expectations were severely low?).  The cheesecake was heavenly; the texture AND flavor was a mixture of pumpkin pie and cheesecake, more on the pumpkin side.  The flavor of the pumpkin was right on and the cheese was more of the supporting flavor, which I loved.  It wasn’t too sweet and it was the perfect companion to my cup of joe.  The crust had broken pieces of pecans in it which made this dessert the perfect autumn treat.




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3 responses to “Billy’s Bakery

  1. jeesoo

    i want to go here! T.T*
    from desert.

  2. jeesoo

    hum…. so.. disappointing.. – you better find somewhere else before i am back!

  3. jeesoo

    for pumpkin! – to tontek.

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