Irving Mill


Location: 116 East 16th Street (Btw Park Ave & Irving Pl.)

Price: $13 for burger & beer combo

So the quest for perfect burger never seems to stop in this crazy city.  Seems like there’s a new great burger waiting to come out every other month to reign supreme.  Although I have yet to claim my personal thoughts on the best burger in the city and yet still many more burger to try (Luger’s, Bill’s, Little Owl, etc etc) I had to knock off one place on my list: Irving Mill.  I heard about their Monday $13 burger & beer combo a while back and was waiting to go on  a particularly miserable Monday to cheer me up.  The restaurant is very nice on the inside with dim lights, nice interior finishes, & ample seating everywhere.  There is bar seating which is bonus for quick bite and the bar had a nice selection of draft beer for our combo.  Mike, they have Palm Ale.  I got the mother’s milk stout beer which was like a “better” Guinness.

When the burger came out, I was particularly distraught by the small size of the burger but, the patty did look fairly thick.  I was warned that their burgers come out a littler rarer than what you order but, I still stuck with medium.  The burger in its first bite was delightful flavor that I expect in any quality burger and was quite juicy.  The flavors were not too heavy and not too overpowering but, just right for the burger that it is.  The potato roll bun was simple but, perfect to bring out the subtle flavors of the burger… a great choice.  The fries were nothing to celebrate over but, it did get the job done.  Overall, a great package,  nice meal for the price, & considering Irving Mill’s proximity to my apartment, its going to make my Mondays something to look forward to.



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  1. Laura Lee

    hmm… the burger seems a little too thick…

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