Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Blue Hill at Stone Barns doesn’t fit into the mold of the Silverspork ethos in terms of price.  BUT, Since this restaurant was on Top Chef last season and one food blog quotes as “The most important restaurant in America” , I’d figure at least to share the pictures from my fancy pants food experience.  Basically we drove to a farm in upstate NY, we had an amazing 7 course meal made from the extensive home grown produce list…and we were happy, & then we drove back through the snow storm back to NYC.  The End.




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7 responses to “Blue Hill at Stone Barns

  1. Laura Lee

    Wow… thats looks amazing… I hope the x-mas eve dinner is just as good. But its not as many courses…

  2. saha

    how’s their bacon?

    • tontek

      actually the thing that looked like bacon was either their house made chips or house made salami, both were part of the muse and both excellent.

  3. mm

    who’d you take?

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