Thanh Da


Location: 6008 Seventh Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Price: bun bo hue $6.25; spring roll vermicelli $4.00

Okay I admit that I’ve been drooling over Vietnamese food lately but, I just can’t help it.  Especially after watching that No Reservations episode when Tony goes back to Vietnam for the second time, I had to find a soup close to what that lunch lady makes.  So with the help and suggestion of my Brooklynite friend Jeesoo, we made a trip to the “other” chinatown known as Sunset Park.  Thanh Da restaurant, looks like any restaurant located around 8th ave but, they serve one dish that no one else serves: THE bun bo hue.

This spicy soup dish with tender pork pieces, noodles, and a mix of vegetables is what this place is known for.  The soup is very spicy but, has SO much flavor to it.  Actually, I think that it was a good choice that we also got the spring roll vermicelli to balance the intense flavors of this hearty soup.  The spring rolls were crispy and light with a bit of meat layered inside to create a nice balance with the very fresh vermicelli noodles all mixed in with fish sauce.

I’m sure these are nothing like what you can find in Vietnam but, it certainly makes me want to go to Vietnam even more.   Maybe once I move to back to Brooklyn I can at least take more trips to Sunset park and find more places to satisfy my Vietnamese food cravings.




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6 responses to “Thanh Da

  1. Laura Lee

    yum! Spring roll vermicelli is usually my favorite… but that soup looks yummy! If you were at Sundance, you’ve loved the Dang family dinner… soooooo yummy! one of the top 10 dinners of all time… I love fresh spring rolls so much…

  2. Tuan

    you know whats funny, Lisa’s parents have been on a big vietnamese food kick after they discovered it last year. Next time you’re back to Chicago, we’ll take you out to a few places. The best part is how cheap vietnamese food usually is.

  3. jeesoo

    HAHA… i know this! 😀

  4. Oanh

    Looks delicious! My mom and Kim can make some awesome Bun Bo Hue– maybe next time you and Ji are in SLC or Portland?! 🙂

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