Blue 9 Burger


Location: 92 3 Avenue New York, NY (btw 12th & 13th)

Price: Blue 9 burger $4.75 (Combo incl. fries & drink $8.30)

I think I’m on a roll to post a burger review about once every five reviews or so.  Also, since I haven’t really reviewed any crappy places in a while, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.  So, comes the burger from Blue 9 burger which really is the perfectly ordinary burger with nothing to make it stand out.  In a  land where the celebrities are the Shake Shacks and Bill’s, the mere citizens of this land are the burgers from Blue 9.

The burger was just pretty bland and the patty was quite dry nestles on an ordinary bun.  The fries were decent but, nothing to rave about.  I heard the quality of the burgers at this place was quite high in the past but, seems like its really sinked low.

So, if you’re in the area probably much better to go to 99 miles to philly or just take a walk to go eat a celebrity burger.




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3 responses to “Blue 9 Burger

  1. sungrak

    this is sad. back before all this burger craze, this was my fav joint.
    RIP blue9

  2. pizzalover

    their best dish is their mango chili sauce. i would have to agree that their burgers are just ok … i think wendy’s makes better ones!

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