Doughnut Plant


Location: 379 Grand St. nr. Essex St

Price: Varies $2.00-$3.00 each

Okay so this is another posting resulting from me aimlessly watching No Reservations on the internet.  I really have to blame Tony for being such a good story teller and making everything look like it tastes so good.  This time it was the “food porn” episode and it started when he was eating that amazing bowl of pho (dang him and his Viet food).  So, as a result I biked down to Chinatown Hester St. to try out a new place (will post about that soon).  As long as I was in the area while craving some dessert food, I figured I’d go swing by the spot I’ve been thinking about for a while: Doughnut Plant.  I got some recommendations off my phone from a recent post by NYCfoodguy and decided to go with 3 of the popular doughnuts.


First off, yes I know I’ve admitted to myself already that I’m a super fatty for ordering 3 of these and inhaling them.  Second off, these were REALLY good and my favorite being the creme bulee.  The creme bulee is a bit small but, its almost like eating a handheld creme brulee.  The bottom has the hard caramelized sugar coating just like a real creme brulee and my favorite part and contains a delicious creme brulee filling.  The carrot cake was still great and had tasty candy like pieces on top of the doughnut with a pure carrot cake flavor throughout.  The tres leches was the sweetest of them all with a sugar coating and bits of creme filling inside for a nice surprise.  I think what I love the most about these treats were that they’re quite light and not overwhelming with just the right amount of sweetness.  $2-$3 is bit pricey for doughnuts but I think I just got too used to buying doughnuts from those midtown coffee carts.  I’ll take doughnut plant over those carts any day.




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3 responses to “Doughnut Plant

  1. Laura Lee

    those look really yummy… i totally want to try the creme bulee one!

  2. heartafteryou

    that looks like a heart attack in a bite…..but i want some : P

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