Golden Unicorn Restaurant


Location: 18 East Broadway (nr Catherine St.) 2nd & 3rd Flr

Price: $2-$9 / dish

(unexpectedly decent website for Chinatown restaurant, plus good food pics)

Pop question: What did Gramercy Tavern and Golden Unicorn Restaurant have in common back in 1996?

Answer: They both were named top five restaurants in NYC by Food & Wine magazine.

Okay so 1996 is a LONG time ago and although there is no way they would get a title like that in this crazy restaurant world of 2010 but, Golden Unicorn has managed to gain some nice recognition for their quality food throughout the years since then.  Located on East Broadway away from the craziness of Bowery and the tourist filled mayhem of Canal Street is this restaurant somewhat tucked away on a block which I rarely go.  Gold Unicorn is known for their dim sum and that’s what brought some of us there for typical Saturday morning outing.  The restaurant is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a commercial building and upon taking the elevators up and entering the restaurant I am greeted by the array of golden colors everywhere.  Didn’t see any images of unicorns anywhere nor golden unicorns.  I liked the spaciousness of the restaurant and at 11:30am we were able  to sit right away with ample seating around the restaurant.  This is a bonus because some of the other popular dim sum spots in Chinatown tend to have ridiculous wait times during brunch time.

We sat by the kitchen so we were hit by the dim sum ladies right away and there was nice variety of stuff coming out.  We got some shrimp shumai, sticky rice inside lotus leaf, sticky rice molded to bowl shape, fried shrimp balls, wide rice noodle with pork, & the best dim sum dish was the fried taro ball (first image).   Lets just say there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like that we ordered.

You have to excuse me for botching the name of these dim sum dishes because I never know the actual name to these thing since my Chinese/Taiwanese always order the dishes.  I’m just glad those same friend didn’t order the BBQed chicken feet, because that is one dish I WILL NOT EAT…long story.  The food was solid good dim sum but, nothing crazy amazing rock my world type of dim sum.  If I were to meet friends in Manhattan chinatown for dim sum I’d probably go back to this place for solid food and accommodation for large parties.  AND yes, I do have to go out to Flushing, Queens to try dim sum there and YES maybe it will completely rock my world?




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2 responses to “Golden Unicorn Restaurant

  1. jeesoo

    oh.. i want to go!!!! take me bro! 😀

  2. JC

    Probably my favorite dimsum place in the city.

    Red Egg and Dim Sum Go Go aren’t bad either. Site is looking nice!

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