Fatty Crab


Location: 2170 Broadway (btw 77th &78th) & 643 Hudson Street (btw Gansevoort & Horatio)

Price: $6-mid $30s


It’s not every day that I’m willing to trek up to the upper west side during a weekday for something, but when it come to anything food related I WILL go anywhere.  As of now, there are probably three reasons I’ll go to the UWS:

  1. Rita’s water ice (the only location in NYC)
  2. Kefi (Amazing greek restaurant)
  3. A bit of a stretch, but Levain Bakery for their damn good cookies.


Whenever I meet new friends that live in the UWS I tried to dine with them in their neighborhood and try to convince them that there are only 3 places I’ll eat in the UWS (Albeit, only one of them is a restaurant).  But, usually I get tricked and I succumb to the “new” place they have in mind.  I was content this time because I had been trying to go to the other Fatty Crab location in the Meatpacking district location for a while now, but every time the wait ends up being borderline too long and we end up at some random restaurant in Chelsea.  I was pleasantly surprised at the no wait at this Broadway location and we were seated right away in the dark & hip/cool interiors of the Fatty Crab.  This Malaysian restaurant offers seasonal specials and has a fairly diverse menu.

Before I got to the restaurant, I knew exactly what I wanted to order from there…Chili Crab…Chili Crab…Chili Crab.  As I looked through the menu, THERE WAS NO CHILI CRAB!  On the other hand, they had chili lobster, so what the heck.  We order 2 chili lobster and pork buns.

OMG.  They chili lobster comes out nested on a gravy like brown curry sauce which is DIVINE.  I almost forgot that I had a bright red lobster in front of me waiting to be eaten by me since I was so busy eating/dipping the brown sauce with my tasty texas toast bread.  Once I started digging into the lobster I realize that the meat of this crustacean paired beautifully with the heavenly sauce.  As I devoured my lobster I had to ordered another serving of the texas toast to finish off every bit of the sauce left on my plate.

The pork buns we ordered were mighty tasty too, and liked it better then the way its prepared at some other establishments.  It’s just that the main course had much more intense flavor then our appetizer.

Something to keep in mind is that it gets mighty messy eating this dish.  Should keep that in mind if you’re going on a first date or something and you’re trying to impress them by ordering the most expensive dish.  My friend was eating this dish and she got sauce all over her fingers and a bit on her white dress. Another thing to keep in mind is that the bathroom is VERY dark.  My friend tried to go in to wash her stain off but, could not see anything and basically stumbled out not being able to see anything.  Just something you should know just in case.

So, with that all in mind…I had good experience and I’m still thinking about that sauce.  Oh sweet sauce.




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