Welcome to The Silver Spork food blog. This blog is dedicated to those NYC foodie’s who are looking for good eats on a tight budget (breakfast, lunch or dinner).  You might be asking, “So, what sets your food blog apart from the hundreds of others?” Good question. Our response will be in 3 parts.

I. Good food shouldn’t cose you $250.13 a person.  We believe it’s everywhere from the food carts to small mom and pop shops.
II. We are the type of people who talk about eating more food while eating food. Yes, we’re THOSE people.
III. We just like food. 🙂  To us, finding that MMMmm-azing sandwich or pastry is like God reaching down to Earth and giving the gift of life to your taste buds.

Join my friends and I on our search across Manhattan for life changing food. Enjoy!


2 responses to “About

  1. Chris my friend, my ex-roomie, my fellow lover of food, YOU’RE DOING THE SILVER SPORK!!!!!! well congrats! who’s on this?

    • tontek

      yes we finally decided to it…Mike, Kahee, and me… we have lots to review and eat still. I found you on post that Dave posted on Facebook!! it weird that I sent you link to that site a while back and you know them and work with them now…haha…good stuff. I’ll bee keeping up with your seouleats

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