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Tom’s Restaurant (aka Monk’s Cafe)


Location: 2880 Broadway (on 112th St)

Prices: Varies

Curb your enthusiasm has been one of the best seasons of television EVER mainly, because they’ve incorporated the Seinfeld reunion right into the show.  It’s been brilliant and has brought back many random everyday Seinfeld references and nostalgia yada yada yada and it used to be my favorite show.  So when Mike asked if wanted to check out Monk’s Cafe (a.k.a. The diner from Seinfeld) for dinner I was ecstatic.  I should’ve said “Giddyup!” …darn.

First off, the diner is called Tom’s Restaurant and secondly besides the outside neon lights shimmering “Restaurant” (of course with the broken “U”) and the rest of the exterior, there is no resemblance to the actual restaurant in the show.  If it wasn’t for the Seinfeld cast photos on the interior wall, it would’ve felt like any other diner.

I ordered western omelet and it came with French fries…not that there was anything wrong with that but, it was first time I received French fries with an omelet…Pretaaaay pretaaaay strange.  The food sucked really it did and I think Mike with his soup, tuna sandwich, & pound cake would agree.  I guess I could’ve tried the other 100 items on the menu but, I had a presumption that nothing on that menu really stands out.  As George would say, they should really stuff their sorries in a sack for that awful food…okay tolerably awful food…for some reason I guess I was expecting more?  As a Seinfeld fan, now I can say I’ve been there but, not planning to go back and stick to my Lyric diner.



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