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The Meatball Shop


Location: 84 Stanton Street (btw Allan & Orchard)

Price: $3-$12

I feel like The Meatball Shop & I have a long complex relationship ever since I heard about this place back in February.  Jenni had informed me about this great new meatball shop in the Lower East Side and I acknowledge its presence and told myself I’d go there VERY soon.  I knew I wanted to go there before all the blogs and media so that its not a zoo up in there.  I kept putting it off and scheduled a couple of gatherings there with some friends and it got canceled and simply just could not go there. More friends were going and telling me that its a great place and I have to definitely go…why didn’t they invite me?  At this point I was going to go on my own and sit at the bar but, the opportunity knocked to go with Sang, Joe, Young, & Theresa and I seized it.

Let me give you a warning, if you’re going with a larger party its best to go there really early or really late because we ended up waiting about an hour and a half to sit down when we arrived at 7:30.   Luckily we held back our hunger pains by taking a little walk to Vanessa’s dumplings and got some $1 dumplings and sesame bread.  Even with the long wait, standing out in the cold, & giving evil stares at people inside to finish their meals, I appreciated the cute hostess and being patient with us even though I kept bothering her about when our table would be ready. Also  conveniently they’ll take your number and call you when a table opens up.

The dining area itself isn’t that big but, has a decent sized bar, handful of two seater tables and a large communal table in the middle for large groups or to be shared with smaller parties.  After the attentive waitress explain simply how to order our meals for 5 mins we realize that this method is super efficient.  They have laminated menus with check boxes and you simply write the quantity of each of the items you want with magic marker… brilliant!

The food consists of essentially five types of meatballs (classic beef, spicy pork, chicken, vegetable, & the special) and four sauces (Tomato sauce, spicy meat, mushroom, & parm cream).  With the choices you choose the quantity of meatballs by the type of sandwich you want and the sauce…simple really.

The sliders which are $3 each probably gives you the most variety to satisfy your hunger.  I thought the best combinations were the Spicy meat w/ spicy pork and Chicken w/ parm cream.  I would go back to this place to get a large hero with those combinations.

My friend got the a la carte classic beef w/ spicy meat over spaghetti and he liked this classic combination.  We also got a side of risotto which I thought was surprisingly fantastic, a daily roasted veggies that had a sweet glaze which had a unique tasty flavor, and a steamed spinach that was fresh.

We could not pass up on the dessert since the choices are unique, and once again the matrix effect. You choose your cookie, your ice cream, and they make an ice cream sandwich out of it.  We got this ordering thing down so we got a chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream.  I was a big fan of the chocolate cookie with vanilla but some of us preferred the other.  Lastly, the two sandwiches seemed perfect to share for five people after a meatball meal.

After our meal we all pretty much unanimously agreed that this place is about a 4 out of 5 sporks in rating.  The beauty of this restaurant is that even though they specialize in meatballs they’ve managed to customize everything else so that you have control over size, sauce, bread, quanity, cheese, meat/vegetarian or whatever.  They have three beer sizes for heaven’s sakes!  As simple as meatball gets, they’ve manage to make this particular food special and tasty as it can get.  I’m not sure about rest of the group but, I can start a nice normal steady relationship with this place.  So, I’d definitely go back , just without the wait.



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Doughnut Plant


Location: 379 Grand St. nr. Essex St

Price: Varies $2.00-$3.00 each

Okay so this is another posting resulting from me aimlessly watching No Reservations on the internet.  I really have to blame Tony for being such a good story teller and making everything look like it tastes so good.  This time it was the “food porn” episode and it started when he was eating that amazing bowl of pho (dang him and his Viet food).  So, as a result I biked down to Chinatown Hester St. to try out a new place (will post about that soon).  As long as I was in the area while craving some dessert food, I figured I’d go swing by the spot I’ve been thinking about for a while: Doughnut Plant.  I got some recommendations off my phone from a recent post by NYCfoodguy and decided to go with 3 of the popular doughnuts.


First off, yes I know I’ve admitted to myself already that I’m a super fatty for ordering 3 of these and inhaling them.  Second off, these were REALLY good and my favorite being the creme bulee.  The creme bulee is a bit small but, its almost like eating a handheld creme brulee.  The bottom has the hard caramelized sugar coating just like a real creme brulee and my favorite part and contains a delicious creme brulee filling.  The carrot cake was still great and had tasty candy like pieces on top of the doughnut with a pure carrot cake flavor throughout.  The tres leches was the sweetest of them all with a sugar coating and bits of creme filling inside for a nice surprise.  I think what I love the most about these treats were that they’re quite light and not overwhelming with just the right amount of sweetness.  $2-$3 is bit pricey for doughnuts but I think I just got too used to buying doughnuts from those midtown coffee carts.  I’ll take doughnut plant over those carts any day.



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Creperie NYC


2 Locations: 135 Ludlow Street (LES) & 112 Macdougal Street (Greenwich village)

Price: Varies (Famous crepe $10)

Thinking back on my Paris trip a few years back, I don’t remember having many foods that were memorable.  Maybe I just didn’t go to the right spots back then or maybe I didn’t quite develop a foodie palette or craving to try all the best foods the French had to offer.  Regardless, I do remember some of the very simple eating memories…the home made dinner at friend’s place with cheap wine and coke mix, eating freshly baked baguettes with nutella in the mornings, and crepes.  I might sound crazy but, crepes just seemed like the most versatile food you can find there.  You can go to a street vendor and get a crepe and walk around eating it, nice breakfast/brunch sit down place & get a crepe, after dinner get a dessert crepe, & after a night of going out you could get a crepe to satisfy your hunger.

In NYC, it was nice to see a crepe place in the middle of LES on Ludlow run by a wonderful French woman (I think?) to satisfy the daily hungers for every aspect of New York life.   You could order a crepe that contains anything from variety of fruits/nutella to smoke turkey & bacon from early morning to late night (8am – 3am).   We had a “Famous Crepe” which had strawberries, banana, whipped cream, nutella, and ice cream which was perfect after a LES dinner.  Definitely going back and trying the Brie with pears & walnuts crepe.

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Billy’s Bakery

Location: 184 9th Ave (bw 21st and 22nd)

Price: $3.25 – $4.50

Pumpkin Bar


I had to give Serious Eats a little more credit when they finally wrote a negative review on Lucy’s; surprisingly, they were brutal for once.  So with a regained trust in Serious Eats, I had to try the pumpkin bar from Billy’s Bakery when I saw the picture of a perfect looking dessert from Billy’s Bakery.  Even though I’m not a huge fan of Billy’s cupcakes, on paper, the bar seemed like everything I wanted; what’s there not to love?  Cream cheese frosting, LOVE.  Pumpkin cake, LOVE.  Walnuts, LOVE.  I was already in love even before I tried it because even my trusty NFT claimed Billy’s to be a favorite of theirs. 

The pumpkin bar was severely disappointing (severely, maybe because my expectations were severely elevated?).  The frosting lacked the flavor of cream cheese and the texture was grainy; it just tasted like pure sugar.  I immediately stopped tasting the frosting and just proceeded onto the cake.  Whilst the cake was moist, the cake lacked pumpkin flavor and spice; it was boring and disgustingly sweet.  I stopped with the bar after the initial tastings.


Pumpkin Cheesecake


Thank goodness my friend spotted and bought the pumpkin cheesecake because we were both pouting from the pumpkin bar.  Unlike the bar, I was severely surprised at how awesome the cheesecake was (severely, maybe because my expectations were severely low?).  The cheesecake was heavenly; the texture AND flavor was a mixture of pumpkin pie and cheesecake, more on the pumpkin side.  The flavor of the pumpkin was right on and the cheese was more of the supporting flavor, which I loved.  It wasn’t too sweet and it was the perfect companion to my cup of joe.  The crust had broken pieces of pecans in it which made this dessert the perfect autumn treat.



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Steve’s Key Lime Pie


Location:  204 Van Dyke St., Pier 41, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

Cost: $15 for entire pie.  $5 for chocolate covered key lime pie on stick.

On a recently episode of Dexter, he is on a search for the best key lime pie for Camilla while she is on her death bed.  He asks his sister Deb where one can get the best key lime pie….her reply is ““You can’t.  They all taste like sour dog sh*t.”  While that maybe the case for Deb and many other people, me and some friends found a spot worth treking out to for a good piece of key lime pie in Brooklyn’ Red Hook.

Although you can get a slice of this stuff at a few restaurants in the city, the journey to Red Hook is part of the experience that makes the pie pretty tasty.  Considering the actual bakery is located in Red Hook you know that you’re getting some fresh stuff.  You can get a whole pie or get a key lime pie on a stick dipped in Chocolate.  I personally preferred the stick version since it offset the sourness of the pie a bit…and who doesn’t love anything chocolate dipped.  Overall, the crust is great and has a great consistency in the lime filling part.  I hear that the slices work great with whipped cream which I didn’t do.  I suggest anyone  planning a trip down to Brooklyn Ikea to stop by this joint.  Who knows maybe this pie will go well with the Swedish meatballs?


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