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Schnitzel & Things




Location: Varies (follow

Price: $8 Schnitz Burger / $10 Schnitz Burger with 2 sides

As I’ve been using twitter to track food trucks throughout NYC, I’d been especially excited to try out the Schnitzel & Things Truck.  I’d been tracking these guys for a solid 2 months or so and I keep hearing about how long the line has been especially since these guys took rookie of the year at the 2009 Vendy Awards.  Getting there early at about noon the line was only about 4-5 people long.  I got the Schnitz Burger w/ a side of potato salad and cucumber salad.  I didn’t get an option of how I wanted it cooked but, it ended up about medium cooked.  The burger its self was resting on a nicely toasted bun w/ cheese & pesto mayo.  The meat is about a half pound patty with a lightly fried batter around it.  The schnitz burger doesn’t exactly taste like a typical burger but, does have quite a juicy meaty taste to it.  Maybe the frying part of the process makes the flavor change a bit?  Not sure.  Very filling and enough to get the burger craving out of my system but, certainly not the best burger I’ve had in the city.  I’ll have to try the chicken Schnitzel next time,


schnitzel 2

schnitzel 1


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