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No. 7 Sub


Location: 1188 Broadway (btw 28th & 29th)

Price: Sandwiches $9

Near the Empire State Building where I work in  Midtown Manhattan, there haven’t been much new places to eat for lunch during the last year or so.  Luckily I have all my Korean food places in K-town to keep me busy but, a dude like me needs as much variety as possible.  Since the beginning of Spring, we’ve had Kyochon chicken pop up on Fifth Ave., soon a Bon Chon will be opening few doors down, and there’s an okay new Mediterranean place (Nanoosh) on Madison but, nothing great.  The Ace Hotel on 28th & Broadway has managed to bring in some class and some food spots into a relatively desolate wasteland of perfume & cellphone stores.  The first and only stumptown coffee outpost in NYC is there and most notably The Breslin Bar has been getting some great reviews and I’m waiting to try that.  In the mean time, I managed to hit up the newly opened No. 7 Sub located around the corner from the entry of the hotel in an almost undisclosed entry.

The sandwich shop is nice inside with a cool art piece and quality finishes but, felt a bit cramped with no seating.  We saw some people eating on the steps outside but, luckily we planned on going over to eat outdoor at the nearby Greeley Square anyway.  The menu is very straight forward with ten different sub sandwiches, each with at least one unique ingredient.  Based on some other reviews I read prior we opted for the Lamb meatloaf sub, Roast beef sub, and a half-moon cookie (basically a black and white cookie).

Lamb meatloaf sub – Strawberry Pico de Gallo, Curried Crema, Cheddar, Pappadam

Roast beef sub – Horseradish, Pickled Endive, Fried Scallions

Half moon cookie ($3!?!?!)

(The guy at the counter convinced me that this cookie is MUCH better than a regular B&W cookie and hence I made this irrational purchase)  note: this cookie is NOT that much better than a regular B&W cookie…

I did enjoy the sandwiches at this spot and they were tasty and satisfying but, it’s not something that stuck out to me even though they did use ingredients that are different than a typical deli type sandwich.  The sandwiches are a bit pricey but, I realize that you are paying for the freshness of the bread and the special ingredients that make the sandwiches what they are.  I definitely want to try some of the non meat sub options now that I’m doing this no meat on weekdays diet thing that I started recently.  The panko crusted tofu with pickled rhubarb, peas, and roasted garlic OR the broccoli sub with fresh mozzarella, thai basil pesto, and fried lemon seems like right up my alley.  Definitely worth stopping by at least once and if you’re not happy grab a coffee from stumptown, and blog about your good/bad experience using the free wifi inside the comfy Ace Hotel lobby.




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Saravanaa Bhavan


Location: 81 Lexingtion Ave. (at 26th st.)

Price: $5 – $17 ( Most dosas are $7 to $10.25)

I don’t get too many chances to hit up Vegetarian restaurants in the city,  mainly because there seems to this stigma that Vegetarian = Bad tasting food? Not filling? Bland?  So, at a moment recently when I couldn’t eat meat, I took the opportunity to explore the Indian Vegetarian scene briefly with a friend of mine.  Oddly enough, for our first stop ‘Curry in a Hurry’ was CLOSED due to some inspection notice…its strange because I’ve NEVER seen that place closed but I’m glad that the rat gods gave us a simple sign to stay away.  We decided to swing by Saravanaa Bhavan, a place I’ve walked by plenty of times and read about in NYmag recently.

The funny things is that as soon as we opened the menu it felt like we were reading a menu written in Hindi or something because we didn’t know the difference between a thalis or a mysore bonda nor rest of the Indian vegetarian menu.  We figured getting dosas was a safe bet and I went with the onion & mashed potato dosa (mashed potato = filling).  I liked all the little sauces & chutney that came out to dip in and I liked the rice…but, friend wasn’t so keen on the rice nor the overall taste of the dosa.

I think he was just bitter that the food wasn’t filling him up.  Most of the dishes seemed to come out with the same sauces and all the dosas seemed to vary in size quite a bit.  I’m glad I got a chance to go but, I think I’m going to have to step it up and find a REALLY good hearty vegan/vegetarian restaurant to convince my hungry friends to go.



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