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2 spork

-Location: 9 W 32nd St (Btw 5th Ave. & Broadway)

-Price: $16.95 for Ojinguh Dduck boki & cheese (enough for 3 people)

There are times when you really want to LIKE a restaurant because all the factors make it seem like it will be a great place to eat.  From all the factors of close proximity to work lunch, cute girl handing out mildly false flyers in front of the restaurant, and most importantly the rumor they have tastiest version of your favorite Korean food: Dduck Boki!  In the case of Arang restaurant located in the heart of Manhattan’s K-town they are known more accurately for their Spicy sautéed calamari & rice cakes w/ melted mozzarella & American cheese.


The dish comes out in two parts:  The dduck boki and a another dish with rice, dry seaweed, & kimchee which you mix in with the sauce later.  We discovered the serving they give can satisfy the cravings of 3 adult men due to the heaviness/greasiness of the dish.  They gave ample rice cakes which is very filling but, the cheese was a bit overwhelming.  Everything  felt a bit too fusion.  To my surprise, I really enjoyed the mixture of  rice & sauce at the end of the meal, alot more than the actual main dish.  This dish would go much better in the evening with some drinks and with other dishes more than eating it as a solo lunch meal.

Lastly, negative sporks for bad service.   There were only 4 other customers in the restaurant and it took forever to order, get water, & checks.  I thought Korean restaurants are suppose have good service??



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